Building Tomorrow

December 2012

Building Tomorrow‘s goal is to provide a safe, permanent and local place for children in the developing world to learn. Its focus is in Uganda, where it has financed the construction of 10 schools, with a further five being built as at October 2012. Building Tomorrow empowers young college students in America to be Building Tomorrow Ambassadors: they advocate and fundraise at their local universities for a new primary-level academy in Uganda.

Working with the Ugandan government, Building Tomorrow identifies a rural community in Uganda with no access to primary education. The local community is challenged to donate three acres of land and volunteer 20,000 hours of labour to construct the school. The project is then passed to the local community to oversee the construction and management of the academy. This partnership results in the creation of a source of pride and a catalyst for change in the local community.

After a visit in 2012 by our Founder with President Bill Clinton to Uganda, The Rumi Foundation is pleased to partner with the Clinton Foundation in a major contribution to Building Tomorrow. This donation will support the expansion of Building Tomorrow’s fundraising programmes and will accelerate school construction in Uganda. This unique model of philanthropy creates a connection between privileged college students in the USA and rural Ugandan children who otherwise would not receive primary education.

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