December 2018

Create is one of the UK’s leading charities using creative arts to empower society’s most disadvantaged and vulnerable people. Through their engaging programmes, participants are invited to develop in essential areas such as creativity, learning and social skills, and self-esteem.

Create run close to 50 projects and almost 1000 creative arts workshops across the UK, tailor-made to tackle the unique challenges faced by each community in a safe and familiar setting. Their focus is on inspiring the most marginalised participants in exciting sustainable programmes led by professional artists, particularly in areas where provision is poor and engagement is low.

They prioritise their work within seven key groups: young patients; disabled children and adults; young and adult carers; schoolchildren in areas of deprivation; vulnerable older people; young and adult offenders; and marginalised children and adults.

Whether it’s giving adults with disabilities the chance to express themselves through music and dance; creating a safe space for LGBT young people to find peer support and self-expression; or helping young fathers in prison to write and illustrate stories for their children, The Rumi Foundation shares Create’s desire to build a society that is fairer, more caring and more inclusive.