Obama Foundation European Town Hall

April 2019

In April, Lord Verjee led a British delegation of emerging leaders to the Obama Foundation European Town Hall in Berlin. At the event, President Obama met with 300 extraordinary young activists and social entrepreneurs from across the continent, tackling a broad range of pressing issues and taking questions from both the room and online via livestream.

The Obama Foundation’s series of regional town hall discussions sought to engage young leaders from around the world in a conversation about the importance of community leadership and civic engagement. The British delegates joined peers from across Europe to share their thoughts and experiences in areas such as government, civil society, journalism, transparency, food security, entrepreneurship, anti-discrimination, integration issues, and technology.

Lord Verjee’s carefully selected UK team included Sat Singh, founder of The Renaissance Foundation; Liam Hackett, founder of Ditch the Label; Temi Mwale, founder of The 4front Project; Paul Dillane, chief executive of The Kaleidoscope Trust; and Alexander McLean, founder of The African Prisons Project.

The Rumi Foundation is privileged to work alongside The Obama Foundation on our shared vision in producing a platform for more thoughtful, more compassionate and more empowered leaders in Europe and the world.