Wired Innovation Fellowships

April 2016

“We seek to create a space to think, to question and to explore and by nurturing fresh thinking we aim to extend its influence beyond institutional and geographical boundaries. It is with this shared vision that we support the WIRED Innovation Fellowship for 2016. By being given the space to think, by being mentored and given the opportunity to share knowledge with like minded people from across the world, the WIRED Innovation Fellows truly have the potential to make a significant impact on the world.”

Lord Rumi Verjee
Founder: The Rumi Foundation

The WIRED Innovation Fellowships are open to any individual working in fields of science, technology, design, culture, business, the arts – and other fields covered by Wired magazine – whose fresh and energetic approach has already achieved a proven track record of early success; and who, in the editorial team’s opinion, has the potential to make a significant impact on the world.

The WIRED Fellowship programme does not care how old its candidates are or their country of origin; neither does the Fellowship panel make decisions based on personal background, ethnicity or gender. WIRED simply aims to identify individuals whose work makes its editors excited, and whose stories it is compelled to bring to a wider audience.

One of the 2016 Fellows is Babar Ali, who in 2002, at the age of nine-years-old became the world’s youngest Headmaster by setting up his own school in his back yard in his village in West Bengal. Starting with only 8 pupils, his sister was his first pupil, the school now has over 500 students some of which are starting college, and are also teaching in the school.

The Rumi Foundation is pleased to have been able to sponsor the 2016 Fellowships, and sees its participation as being far more than just a financial commitment, The Foundation will also help provide the selected Fellows with coaching, personal development, and networking opportunities through its own considerable reach and remit.