A Foundation For Thought

Since 2006 The Rumi Foundation has served as the channel for the Verjee family’s support of a diverse mix of philanthropic initiatives.

With a focus towards education, innovation and entrepreneurship, whilst also seeking to raise awareness of dialogue with individuals who possess the capacity to inform opinion, the Foundation has demonstrated an ongoing commitment to humanitarian work not just in the UK, but also in India, East Africa, and South America.

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The Rumi Foundation believes that innovation and learning are by far the greatest agents for positive social change – and it is our aim to nurture fresh thinking and to extend its influence beyond institutional and geographical boundaries.

We seek to create a space to think, to question and to explore; and then to contribute to developing the ideas that the Foundation has the proven capacity to inspire.

The Foundation has been established to contribute its global network, the freedom to take risks and, when required, the funding necessary to enable educational institutions of excellence the opportunity to create or further develop genuinely exciting social capital.

The Rumi Foundation exists to spark new ideas, to share knowledge and, above all, to make a lasting contribution to our world.