A Blueprint for Better Business Dinner July 2018

July 2018

Five Principles of Purpose

The Blueprint for Better Business movement exists to encourage business to act as a force for good. Their five principles of a purpose-driven business serve as a call to arms for all companies. These principles state that business should:

  • Have a purpose which delivers long-term sustainable performance;
  • Be honest and fair with customers and suppliers;
  • Act as a good citizen;
  • Be a responsible and responsive employer;
  • Be a guardian for future generations.

Utilising this model, Blueprint inspires companies to trade in a way that respects people and delivers for society as a whole.

Moreover, providing purpose to work leads to better business outcomes. By developing our people, and contributing society, we create an engaged workforce that wants to contribute. As a result, long-term sustainable growth is encouraged.

The Blueprint for Better Business Family

In July 2018, The Rumi Foundation welcomed A Blueprint for Better Business and guest of honour the Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, to a dinner at the RAC Club in London.

The event was attended by top business leaders, as well as members of the Blueprint family. Guests heard from a number of speakers, all of whom have committed to doing business the wider Blueprint way.

Speaking at the event, Rumi Verjee drew inspiration from a seminal speech made by Martin Luther King Jr in 1964. He spoke of the ‘poverty of spirit’ which exists in modern life today; a poverty which stands in stark contrast to man’s technological and scientific accomplishments. He argued that we are in danger or allowing “the means by which we live to outdistance the ends for which we live.” Furthermore, Lord Verjee addressed the “spiritual lag” which Dr King prophesied would plague modern man. “If we are to survive today,” quoted Lord Verjee. “Our moral and spiritual ‘lag’ must be eliminated. Enlarged material powers spell enlarged peril if there is not proportionate growth of the soul.”¬†Through its charitable work and the inspiration that it provides to business, Blueprint is working to fill this gap.

Building a better society

The Rumi Foundation is proud to support the work of A Blueprint for Better Business. The five principles which make up Blueprint model provides a template for organisations to enrich the spirit and soul of all in society, by giving work and enterprise purpose and meaning. Blueprint’s work provides inspiration for those that want to do business differently. They provide a vital space to think and reflect on not just the direction of travel of business, but of society as a whole.