Blueprint for Better Business

October 2012

The Rumi Foundation is working with The Blueprint for Better Business initiative, sponsored by The Archbishop of Westminster, Cardinal Vincent Nichols.

The Rumi Foundation aims to promote tolerance and understanding of religion and faith beyond institutional boundaries, and to explore how we can achieve a more harmonious society given the challenges of modern life. In a culture where only profit seems to be the driving force of business and enterprise, the Foundation is dedicated to exploring ways in which we can restore a sense of purpose that will better serve us all.

Along with other top business leaders in the UK, the Foundation seeks to promote understanding and dialogue between faith communities, to promote tolerance and understanding, and to build a more compassionate model of capitalism.

The Rumi Foundation believes that this innovative approach towards commerce is essential in maintaining a dialogue with all communities, and this understanding can help provide an essential moral code, while also restoring purpose and value to business life.