Body & Soul

July 2014

Whilst the quality of life for those affected by HIV has improved greatly, there is still a large societal stigma. Body & Soul gives people the support they need to overcome barriers that this stigma creates.

Founded in 1996 by Emma Colyer, the organisation has expanded to support children, teenagers and adults who live with and are affected by the disease.

Body & Soul provides a number of innovative services. This includes ‘Transmission Radio’ a series of podcasts for teenagers that provide music, discussions on a range of issues and celebrity interviews, giving young people a voice. There is also an online library of resources for a number of pertinent topics.

Housed in an all-purpose 4-storey centre, the charity provides a physical space for its members to feel comfortable and meet others like themselves by attending workshops and counselling sessions. Community is a key part of the ethos with young adults and teenagers who themselves are part of the programme volunteering their time to younger members.

Body & Soul fosters creativity. They provide a space for participants to create music and spoken word pieces, championing the arts as a means of expression. The results are truly inspiring. Participants are happier and more confident people becoming leaders in their communities.

Body & Soul helps those affected by HIV to face the disease and live with respect, dignity and wellbeing.

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