Clinton Foundation Dinner 2017

October 2017

The scope of the work undertaken by the Clinton Foundation is truly inspiring. From education to the environment, and from health to women’s rights, the Clinton Foundation is delivering change across the globe.

The friendship and partnership between the Rumi Foundation and the Clinton Foundation is one which we are naturally proud of, and our family Foundation shares many common goals and values with the Clinton Foundation.

In October 2017, President Clinton and his team updated a group of supporters on the Foundation’s work at a dinner hosted by the Rumi Foundation. The Clinton Foundation is a beacon of hope, connecting people and inspiring them to give something back to disadvantaged communities.

The Rumi Foundation’s support for the Clinton Foundation-backed Building Tomorrow programme is something which we especially proud of. Building Tomorrow builds schools in rural and poorly connected areas of East Africa. Because of the work of Building Tomorrow, young people in countries such as Uganda now get the education they need to develop and grow, which they otherwise might not have got. In addition to this, Building Tomorrow are committed to educating people across the globe about the importance of having community-based schools, which every boy and girl can attend.

As a result of the work of the Clinton Foundation, lives are changing for the better. The Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) was formed in 2002. The Initiative was an early pioneer in helping to transform and save the lives of Africans living with HIV/AIDS. The Clinton Development Initiative empowers rural farmers to reach their potential.

The Rumi Foundation is proud to support President Clinton’s vision.