WE Global Learning Centre

September 2017

We rightly invest time and money in the education of the next generation. It’s a no-brainer: we want to see our families succeed and thrive after us. Education is a vital part of this process. Today’s technology can revolutionise the way we teach and engage the leaders of tomorrow, and connect people from all over the world. The WE Global Learning Centre in Toronto seeks to change the game, by placing technology and interconnectedness at the heart of education.

This state-of-the-art facility has been set up by WE to inspire children and young people. The Centre can reach students across the globe, not just in Toronto, but also in small and remote rural communities. Students learn from the experiences of those in other countries, inspiring them to give something back to their own local and global communities. The Centre is an engaging technological marvel, which the Rumi Foundation is proud to have backed and help make a reality.

Rumi Verjee attended the opening of the new facility, along with the former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon; philanthropist Hartley Richardson; and the Finance Minister of Canada, Bill Morneau. Rumi was thrilled to see how the centre is bringing together families, teachers and students from the local community and further afield, inspiring young people to be leaders of the next generation. It also brings to life the many terrific projects that WE supports, connecting communities across the world, from Canada to India, from South America to the US and from the UK to Africa, creating a truly global community.

WE’s mission is to make ‘doing good doable,’ and by launching the WE Global Learning Centre, they’ve taken another step along the path of entrenching that ideal for the future.