The Clink

February 2014

Through its innovative training programme The Clink is tackling the pressing issue of rehabilitating ex-offenders in order to reduce re-offending rates, which on average stand at around 50%.

With three Clink Restaurants which have been established within HMP High Down, HMP Cardiff and HMP Brixton, and are all open to members of the public, the programme is open to prisoners within the last 6 months of their sentence and gives them not only valuable qualifications in food preparation and hospitality but much needed contact with the outside in order to boost their confidence and life skills. The prisoners gain experience in all areas of running the Restaurant from preparing delicious 3 course meals to front of house to cleaning and serving tables.

On release from Prison at the end of their sentences, graduates of the programme are mentored and given the opportunity of employment within the hospitality industry. On average, re-offending rates stand at around 50% within the prison population. Since being established in 2009, the Clink programme has had more than 100 graduates and a re-offending rate of below 10%.

Rumi Verjee & Simon Verjee attended the opening of The Clink at HMP Brixton in February 2014 and are proud to support work of The Clink.