The Forgiveness Project

May 2016

What would you do if someone had deeply harmed you or a person you loved?

Would you ever be able to face them?

Would you ever be able to forgive them?

Founded in 2004, The Forgiveness Project is an award-winning organisation that collects and shares real life stories of forgiveness to build understanding, encourage reflection and enable people to reconcile with their pain. …and in doing so, to commence a process of moving forward from the trauma in their own lives.

This is a complex issue, sensitive and demanding of deep empathy, and The Rumi Foundation is pleased to support this important work. The Rumi Foundation believes that by sharing these stories, The Forgiveness Project contributes to demonstrating that everyone has the potential to change their perspective and to break the cycle of vengeance; whilst also empowering people to consider the nature of forgiveness and, in doing so, realise that conflict is not the only option.