Tompkins Conservation

June 2013

Tompkins Conservation (TC) was founded in 1993 by Kris & Doug Tompkins, two of the world’s leading conservationists, activists and philanthropists. TC continues to develop innovative conservation programmes to create extensive parklands, recover imperiled wildlife and develop ecological agriculture. The Tompkins believe the economic vitality of local communities is directly linked to the good health of their local wildlife.

With 2.2 million acres of bio-diverse land in South America, Kris & Doug have established two National Parks and are in the process of establishing 3 more, including Chile’s future Patagonia National Park, in order to provide the strongest guarantee of long-term conservation.

In June 2013, the Foundation hosted a think tank evening for Tompkins Conservation where guests, including The Secretary of State for Energy & Climate Change and Executive Chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt, held an open discussion on the future of conservation, the ecological impact of technology, developing sustainable agriculture and transforming global economies into local economies.