APP Graduation 2019

In October, The African Prisons Project (APP) celebrated the graduation of another 17 students of law, all former inmates or prison staff at the Kamiti Maximum Security Prison in Nairobi, Kenya.

In partnership with The University of London, APP has provided legal education for prisoners, prison officers and APP staff. With degrees in hand, the graduates will now go on to pursue careers in the legal profession, training as teaching assistants, and will soon be members of the Association of Law Teachers.

Many prisoners had had limited exposure to formal education and had joined the classes to gain the qualifications necessary to study for a tertiary degree. The prison authorities provided the space for the school, and the prisoners who had some primary or secondary education acted as the teachers. The students in prison were able to see the transformative effect of education and for many it has given new meaning in their lives.

The prisoners who are now graduates have been able to assist other inmates with their cases, often making submissions to the court on their behalf.

The Rumi Foundation is proud of its partnership with the African Prisons Project, giving inmates in Africa the skills to help themselves and their communities achieve a second chance in life.